It was 25th of December,temperature was around 18°C, our NSU FSA meet up was at 10 pm sharp.The venue was North South University. It was a second meet up event for some students but it was my first meeting with the firefox student ambassadors(FSA). I wholeheartedly thank my friend Tanha for organizing an event like this and also for helping me to get started with mozilla activities.

I reached about half an hour early and found Tanha sitting on the 7th floor of South Academic Building(SAC) of our university campus. She was very glad to see me and appreciated everyone’s punctuality. At first we were introduced to the old FSA and the new ones.When nearly everyone was present, we saw that she had brought a bag full of Mozilla goodies for us.


Goodies Brought by Tanha

Tanha and another FSA named Trisa handed me a Mozilla Firefox Badge, a mozilla marketing sticker & a Webmaker sticker. I was really delighted to get my first offering as a Mozillian and my eyes dazzled with joy at the sight of these presents. Quick as a wink, I wore the badge just like others, and since I didn’t bring my laptop, I carefully kept the stickers inside my bag. After wearing the badge, I felt like a Real Mozillian…


My First Mozillian swags XD


In between these processes, we were shown a cell phone which had Mozilla OS with an orange phone cover in which was written “Mozilla OS”. We quickly skimmed through the phone screen and were surprised to see that the phone’s language was Bangla!! :D

After the Mozilla Offerings, Tanha welcomed everyone to the meet up and told us to write our names and email address in a paper,one by one. Then we listened to the first part of the meet up which was about how we could contribute to Mozilla. There were 10 different ways or fields in which we can contribute and i found some parts really interesting.


Tanha –talking about Mozilla contributions

Then another FSA named Rashik,who was one of our trainers, started talking about localization. We came to know that this is a very important part and that we can play a significant role as a contributor through localization or what we mozillians say, l10n in short.


We were listening about Localization– l10n

Then discussed about 3 main parts of Webmaker, namely, Popcorn, Thimble & X-Ray Goggles. After this we were divided into 4 groups with a mentor in each group. & we began to learn about popcorn at first. It was very interesting & fun when we saw the procedure of creating a popcorn project.


We were learning about Popcorn

Then we were taught about Thimble and how to make new stuffs and remix them by using thimble. This part was about coding & looked rather difficult to me. But our Mentors were really great with this part and taught every single thing with proper care. So I didn’t find it difficult after all. We also learnt about X-ray Goggles but I found Thimble very useful & this could come as a handy to my project works in future.


Learning about Thimble & X-ray Goggles1490866_497830043669334_126377001_o

After this training session, Tanha sat in the middle & discussed about Mozilla foundation, its Mission , about the Chairperson Ms. Mitchell , Mozilla Headquarter , their Blog , Mozilla Thunderbird, Persona, Firefox OS, Mozilla Support( SuMo) & other important stuffs.

Then a Quiz contest was held where we had to answer 10 questions based on the discussions of Mozilla meet up. It was quite fun & I got to learn a bunch of theories regarding Mozilla.


Everybody Busy with the MozQuiz


I was listening to the questions carefully

Though I didn’t win the contest but I enjoyed the whole meet up session & learned a lot more than my expectations. I had fun, met new FSA and older ones, got a bunch of new & creative friends & thus the meet up day came to an end with great success!!!

Lastly the session ended for the day with a Group Photo with the Mozilla FSA of North South University…


Mozilla Firefox Student Ambassadors of North South University..

Later on, when I got home, I thought of making some fun projects with Popcorn & Thimble.

My first work with Thimble:

First work with Popcorn:

Thankyou Readers for your precious time!!! Hope you have enjoyed reading my article… 😀




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